Sunday, 24 June 2012

A few simple rules to make travelling on the london Underground bareable

London commuters  and visitors please im begging you...wash first and USE deodorant. People are smelling like that have been dragged up. I know its hot but maintaining standards of personal hygiene is a must and a kinda given i would have thought. But no!!! When the train temperature reaches the lower 100's, as is increasingly common in summer, those selfish bloody people standing in right up against the window at the end of the carriage obstructing what little ventilation the tube has is just wrong. It doesn't take much to move slightly to the side to let some air through for the others. Does it?

If you are wearing a backpack - take it off you muppets, is easy to put on the floor isn't it. How many times have you been bashed by a rasksack?

And the ones that enjoy the hell and falling asleep, quite acceptable (provided you don't allow your head to drop onto someone else's shoulder and dribble, i saw this morning. Foul!!!

And for the love of god, don't pretend you don't see them, offer to give up your seat to anyone who is obviously disabled, infirm or pregnant.
If there are no spare seats and you are standing for more than one stop, stand in the aisles, don't just hog the space by the doors. It may be harder to get out, but nobody will thank you for squashing into an already overcrowded space, is this not common sense to all?
Remember what's a minute reading this, wait a minute if you can't get on, you'll have wait that extra minute while the doors open and close. Oh and i nearly forgot, you missed don't stand in a row in front of the doors like a bunch of lemons when there's people wanting to get off....and when someone wants to get out from behind you, get out of the way you cretins!

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