Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Drunk Celebrities, they are human

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Celebrities are Human
It still quite shocking when we discover they are actually just normal people with the same urges and addictions as the rest of us.
There have been some famous drunks in the past, but not until recently were the stars drunken escapades captured on film.

David HasselHoff Half Cut, Half Naked & Eating A Burger
The sight of a half naked half cut David Hasslehoff eating a burger wasn't something I ever expected to see in my lifetime. But when confirmed alcoholic Hasselhoff came home in this state, his daughter decided to capture the scene on film and post it all over the place to shock the Baywatch star in to sobering up.

Britney Spears Wasted: Drunk Or Stoned?
This is a classic video of Britney completely wasted, probably through drink. Looking back, this could be the start of the slippery slide which ended with Britney flashing her beaver to the whole world while out on the town with Paris Hilton.

Ashlee Simpson Drunk In A McDonalds
Ashlee Simpson lucily isn't very famous over here in the UK, which on this display of drunkenness is a good think for us Brits. In this video, shes shown in a McDonalds restaurant acting like a spoilt brat, and swearing at all and sundry.

Oliver Reed Drunken Singing On Chat Show
This is a true classic of the genre, as Fabled heavy drinker and some time actor Oliver Reed appears absolutely pissed off his face on a British TV show.

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