Thursday, 16 August 2007

Get it right by celebrity stylist Harmon

I've just seen Celebrity stylist Mark-Alan Harmon appearing in front of a crowd of eager shoppers to show them how to accessorize and improve their outfits.

"Here's how you do purses," Harmon said. "You try a purse on. Try it. Work it." And he demonstrated.
Harmon also suggested bringing color into an outfit to really "pop" it.

"Red is a really great look to pop anything out," Harmon said.

While many women think having a lot of clothes is the best way to go, Harmon stresses variety.
If you have a lot of the same shirt, just in different colors, thats a bit wrong.

Harmon has five major fall fashion trends. He encourages people to mix it up and purchase clothes that pull double duty, wear big prints, wear white, shine on and go with the flow.
Buying clothes that pull double duty is an essential way to save some money on wardrobe.
"Use clothes that you wore in the summer for the fall," Harmon said. For example, take the blue floral print dress you wore in the summer and add a navy blazer to transition it for the fall.
"What's very expensive to do is buy something you can only wear alone," Harmon said. "The hint is to buy pieces that you can wear with a lot of other things."

For women larger than a size 12, clothes need to fit the body. He said women need to find fabrics that are comfortable, like cotton with some stretch. The last thing a woman needs is a fabric that won't move with them or won't give them a polished look."The trick to that is spandex built into the fabric you're wearing."

Harmon also advises NOT going out in clothes that are damaged in any way. Thats wrong. If something is missing a button, has a hole in it or the zipper is broken, get it fixed or get rid of it.

"These are certain things people can do to make themselves look put together and polished," Harmon said.
For the fall, fashionistas should look for some good staple pieces in charcoal, a geometric print and a gold or silver metallic pump. And it is no secret that in today's world, appearances are important. "People make an assessment and judgment about you the minute you walk in the door," Harmon said. "So when you walk in a room, people have an opinion about who you are and who you aren't. Knowing that, it's most important that your clothes speak powerfully about who you are." There, get it right not wrong.

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