Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Kate Moss or Sienna Miller the Cat Fight Begins

Looks like Sienna Miller is tinking supermodel Kate Moss is just wrong! Way to kick a girl when she's down. Sienna insists and truth is i had heard that ages ago, that she started working on her clothing line way before Kate Moss joined up with TopShop. We gather Miller has had it in with Moss for a while now considering the fact that Kate is really good friends with Jude Law's ex-wife Sadie Frost. Errrrkkkkkkk Sienna with a lot of help from her sister Savannah will soon launch their clothing line which she has been sporting lately while doing the PR rounds in NYC. Watch out you don't it wrong like kate did or is doing.

Miller says, "Her clothing project was very different with ours. Obviously I would say this, but actually my sister and I started to work on ours before she did, two and a half years ago. "And also, unlike Kate Moss, Sav is a real stylist."Kate Moss had some really cool items for her line but we haven't seen Sienna's yet. Whose doing you think will have cooler clothes, Sienna's or Kate's?

Errrkkkkkkkkkkk Kate or Sienna???

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Andrew said...

Sienna - much more class and a babe.

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