Thursday, 16 August 2007

Victoria or Britney, who did snub who?

Firstly, Victoria Beckham snubs Paris Hilton ; declaring “Over my dead body” to her request for friendship, and now she’s gone and snubbed Britney Spears or has she!
That is despite Posh helping her out by introducing herself as “Victoria from the Spice Girls”. Britney just looked confused and walked off. Ha ha, wish i was there. Victoria would have died.
Posh was with hubby David — the world’s most recognisable sportsman — but still the penny didn’t drop. durr...
Now I realise Britney’s not likely to be a soccer fan, and she’s probably been too busy running around LA behaving strangely to have caught up with the latest on the Beckhams in the news. She's too busy telling her kids they were both mistakes (just read that on hollywoodrag - nice site)
Anyways, Britney’s behaviour and state of mind wrong wrong wrong. But i do still laugh
when i read how she babbled incoherently, vomited on her dress and cleaned up her dog’s mess with another designer outfit, it was claimed. Brilliant.

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