Friday, 17 August 2007

Victoria Beckham Snubbs Wanna Be BB Victoria Beckham

sourse: the sun Ha ha....A not very happy Chanelle stands alone outside the LA Galaxy’s VIP area after Victoria Beckham refused to meet her at Wednesday’s match.
Chanelle travelled around 6,000 miles to try and meet Victoria but why did she do that I do not understand do you?
It has been said that Victoria Beckham refused to meet Chanelle at Wednesday night’s match.
A source close to Victoria said that “There was no way Chanelle was getting past Victoria’s security. She is flattered that Chanelle is a fan but she is in no rush to meet her.”
The ex Big Brother housemate was greeted by a few photographers.
Chanelle was spotted arriving at the LA Galaxy ground in a Posh-style outfit of grey vest, blue jeans and sunglasses.
I think that maybe Chanelle is so into Victoria that maybe she is becoming a stalker and not realising it lets hope she does before it’s too late.

Chanelle is wrong wrong wrong.

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