Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Give Celebrities A Break...NOT! WRONG!

Celebrities have it rough. Top designers inundate them with free clothing. Jewelers drape them in dazzling diamonds. Stylists are at their disposal to hunt down the most arresting accessories. As a result, many truly dazzle us, leaving us lusting for their elegance, their class, their closets. The others? Well, they give us plenty to talk about around the water cooler. They can't even get it right when its handed to them on a gold platter. Post your favourite fashion disasters in the comment section.


DaisyUSA said...

please don't get me wrong, (sorry about the punt) i love this site but its alls about whats wrong in the celebrity and fashion world, what about what is right? what are people wearing in UK etc. Love to read that one.

DaisyUSA said...

How do i upload photos?

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