Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Who Is the Best Dressed Male Celebrity?

Daniel Craig has been named the world's best dressed man, which is funny since we always thought that Daniel Craig was a funny looking scouser in violently nondescript clothing.

That's where we'd be wrong, though. You see, Daniel Craig is James Bond now, and James Bond only wears a succession of lovely hand-stitched bespoke suits all the time. So that's why
Esquire magazine has named Daniel Craig as the best dressed man in the world, because a character he plays in a film that isn't even out yet wears some nice clothes. So it looks like fictional characters care now fair game for the Best Dressed awards, in which case we'd like to nominate Mr Benn next year for the episode where he dressed up as a natty wrong pirate.

Some magazine doesn't care what we think; they will publish their annual Best Dressed Man awards, and Daniel Craig - the toothless new James Bond who people are paid to say they like - has been named as Esquire's Best Dressed Man. Except he hasn't - James Bond has probably been named as Esquire's Best Dressed Man but, since he doesn't actually exist, Daniel Craig got the nod instead. Either that or they're basing the results on the clothes Daniel Craig wore in Munich, which were admittedly pretty spiffy even though - again - they weren't actually his own clothes.

We do, so who is the best dressed MAN?

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